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How does a cucumber become a pickle?

There is an actual process that takes place. A deli or refrigerated pickle (bottom right) is made from a fresh cucumber that is put right into finished brine and then refrigerated; a processed pickle (top right) takes a little more time. A pickle starts out as a green cucumber that is put into a salt water solution to cure. By curing, we mean, getting all the sugar and CO2 (or gases) out of the cucumber. This process takes three (3) to four (4) weeks. At that stage, the cucumber is considered a pickle and that is how you get a process pickle.

Health Note

  • If you are trying to cut down on your salt, eat deli pickles, which have less salt in them.
  • Pickles make a great low carb snack for those who are watching their carb intake.


Below is a list of the processed and deli items that we carry.

  4 / 1 Gallon 5 Gallon Pail 2 Gallon Pail 47 Gallon Drum
Pickles - Processed        
Hamburg Slice        
  1/8" Smooth    
  1/8" Krinkle    
  3/16" Krinkle    
  1/4" Krinkle (cross cuts)    
Whole Dill        
  Kosher (with Garlic)    
Ko. Spears    
Dill Relish      
Sweet Relish        
  Ext. Std. Natural  
  Ext. Std. Green  
Sweet Pickles        
  Sweet Chips 1/4" KR Green    
  Whole Sweet Gherkins      
Pickles - Deli (Cold Storage)        
Whole 40/50      
Whole 50/60      
Whole 70/80      
Whole 90/100      
Wafers 1/8" KR      
Chips 1/4" KR      
Sandwich Stackers      
Bread & Butter Chips      
Hot Spicy Spears      
Fresh Sauerkraut    
Sport Peppers    
Banana Rings Hot & Mild    
Whole Jalapeno      
Sliced Jalapeno      
Cherry Peppers